The firm’s philosophy is rooted first and foremost in place making, a design approach independent of style where scale, proportion, texture and light are brought into a contextual harmony.

Our firm provides a platform to project the client’s needs and desires beyond a formulated stylistic approach. To this end, the firm’s accomplishments are evident in its work on numerous structures and planning projects, weaving  new to its  historic context.

We are an innovative practice, dedicated to producing visually balanced, highly functional and efficient solutions that are creatively contextual. Our firm’s  services include owner representation at various  oversight boards providing uninterrupted service from  design development through construction observation, concluding in interior design and furnishing services.

Ultimately, the firm’s design methodology is a highly collaborative process that acknowledges the importance of the end user as a key contributor to the direction of the project. These collaborations are based on assemblage of experienced and proven team of professionals, investigative analysis and contextual studies,  leading to the provision of alternative solutions during the preliminary design phases. We encourage the involvement of our clients not just as stakeholders, but also as active participants, using our firm’s expertise to forward their ideas throughout various stages of the project.